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  1. MandarinKitten says:

    I suggest that instead of taking that horrible assessment test, take one based on Jung’s cognitive functions:

    He started it after all.

    Much more useful because typology is not just for the purpose of sorting people into boxes, it is to understand how one functions in the world on a scale base for each function.

    • Agreed. Thanks for that!

      I actually was encouraged by my INTJ friend to write this blog long ago. She helped me set up some of the resources so I really don’t know all that’s out there. Maybe it’s time to do some editing.

      • Mandarinkitten says:

        I took that same test about two years ago, and while I was taking it, I was kind of doubtful of how it sorted people. The questions are pretty obvious in what they are trying to find, and are not really accurate in measurement since almost every single one is based off of a generalization of I/E, S/N, T/F, and J/P. It’s a “pick one or the other and the results will average out” type of test.

        I also had a problem with getting 1% Judging over Percieving multiple times even when I changed the answers to some of the J/P questions. It certainly can’t accurate to a single percent with only 72 questions and a fraction of them relating to J/P.

        It’s just a bad test. This guy thinks it’s bad too…

        I just think there are too many generalizations involved in MBTI. Feelers are always more sensitive to other people’s feelings? Their own feelings? Which one? This video highlights the errors albeit bluntly.
        It’s mostly the rigidity of the system that I don’t like. Now that’s not to say that everyone will fit into a type if they look at the cognitive functions since we all fall somewhere in between. For example, I use a lot of Ni and Te, but there still is the Ti and Si I use as well which aren’t listed as the functions of an INTJ. Why is my Fi so high? Am I an INFP in denial? Am I an INTP? But I don’t use Fe much at all! I must be a walrus!

        Really, the best way to find your type is to look into yourself and think about how you think and do things because no one knows you better than yourself.

      • Very true. I actually took the test from inside the book, Please Understand Me II. It’s the best resource in my opinion, but I also like the test you provided.

      • Mandarinkitten says:

        Oh and I do like this blog of yours. It’s a very good, fun idea. Please continue it.

      • Why thank you! I plan on it. Work has been quite busy the last few weeks, but I plan on writing about an ESFJ villain some time this week or next. Usually I follow a pretty consistent schedule of posting every Friday. But I am really swamped!

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