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My name is Philip. My type is ENFJ, or the “Teacher.”

My greatest joy in life comes from maximizing the potential of those around me—to see the good in someone, and then spur them on to developing that good into something great. I believe God has created all people with a treasure inside—a gift if you will—that when identified can be cultivated, allowing that person to fulfill the purpose God intended for their lives.

The MBTI has been an outstanding tool in my life in the process of learning and accepting others. However, it has its limitations, like any theory, and my goal has never been to put people into a box. It has always been to understand them and help them live a life of maximum realization.

I have been told by others that I have an uncanny ability to type others with little effort. I must admit, I have done hours upon hours of research, but this ability is not primarily the result of my booking. It largely is the result of observing those around me. I grew up in a large family where each of the four major categories are represented: two SP’s, three NF’s, two NT’s, and one SJ, thus giving me a unique perspective.

In my life, I have been surrounded by many different types of people, and I carefully observe each person’s habits, interests, intellectual pursuits, reactions to stress…the list goes on and on. Some of you may say, “How very ENFJ of you.” Others of you might be skeptical, to which I say, “How very INTP of you.”

That said, I do not meet someone and instantly run over to a book I own, flip through the pages, and try to pinpoint what type they are (though admittedly I have done this before for some of the more complex people I’ve met.) I simply observe and compare. You may disagree with some of my typing, and I welcome that. My goal is to give careful reasoning behind my choices, and I encourage both questions, comments, and even challenges.

29 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Tori says:

    Do u know of any resources that speak as to how trauma (specifically post-traumatic stress &/or traumatic brain injury) can affect personality?


    • Hi Tori. I have some theories, but nothing concrete. PTSD is a very difficult thing to deal with and is best handled using cognitive behavioral therapy. I would definitely seek counseling from a professional. I have knowledge on PTSD and on the MBTI, but not on how the two relate. You’ve definitely given me some food for thought. I will have to do more research.

      • temelevbarg says:

        MBTI was designed for healthy, normal people. When a person who is emotionally distressed takes the inventory, it invariably comes out inconclusive on some or most of the four scales. I would guess the sufffering from PTSD would cause a confusing score.

      • This is so true. I appreciate the insight. PTSD can color all facets of the human existence, especially wreaking havoc on the human psyche and personality.

  2. Thank you so much for all your wonderful work here! What a great tool for character study :).
    Any plans to continue?

  3. svbrands says:

    Love your auto-bio here. Great heart, well spoken. Looking forward to learning more and following your blog. I believe in many of your sentiments and I am an INFJ (recently discovered). Looking for more resources to understand self and those around me. Any clue on where to begin? Thanks

    • Thank you very much! INFJs are one of my all time favorite types.

      I’d say a good resource is the book “Please Understand Me II.” That’s David Keirsey’s take on Jung’s original theory. It’s excellent!

  4. niisblog says:

    Hi I’m ISTJ and your blog is very helpful.

  5. Sara says:

    you have the coolest blog! I will be back!

  6. Ella says:

    I love this site! It is very insightful and I enjoy reading your posts. I am an INFP, and I have been kind of curious about (read: obsessed with) MBTI for about six months now. One thing that really bothers me is that I cannot type my brother. I know my mother is INFJ, and my father is ISTJ, and I think my boyfriend is INTP, but I’m completely stumped on my brother. He took one of the short internet tests, but I don’t think it was reliable; he came out as an IxFx, and he’s definitely a T. Any tips for typing him?

    • Hi Ella!

      Thank you for your kind words. Glad you like it. I would let him read about each of the types and figure out which one he relates to the most. The thing is, the MBTI test isn’t always accurate because it takes a high level of knowing oneself to answer it correctly. I hope this helps!

  7. Kenneth says:

    Thumbs up for this website. Thank you for helping me a lot to know myself better. Anyway, I’d like to ask you some questions, I’m an ENTP person and I feel really curious about the strength and weakness points of my personality, what kind of boyfriend I am, my style on a relationship (friendship, romantic relationship) and also what kind of work that suitable for me. Sorry for my bad English and also for my ‘too much’ curiosity.

  8. jmackerman18 says:

    I love that you started this blog, Philip!! I can still remember meeting you at Mustang Corral and hearing you “type” first years. Hope all is well in Dallas!

  9. Thank you for an excellent blog, I found much which was of interest at a ‘first glance’ (I found a specific topic through google) and now I can hardly wait to dive in deeper. 🙂

  10. My soul mate says:

    Hi I am intp. Pretty familiar with Mbti and have used it for years. I’m now over 50 and have met an intj man via phone For the last two months we talk nightly for 1-3 hours. I know if he didn’t like me he wouldn’t
    I’m desperate for him in the way an intp can be totally consumed… I’m
    Insane. How can I handle this so we end up together? I’m also very patient btw. Thx

    • Well, it’s not always cut and dry. INTJs tend to be highly complex. My advice is to take it slow and do not try to push him to move more quickly than he is comfortable. I am glad you’re patient! That will definitely help.

  11. Hi Philip, interesting blog. I think I’m ENFP girl and I’m interested in dating an INTJ or INFJ guy. Any tips?

  12. Ashley says:

    Just discovered you’re blog! Thanks for the great posts? Are you still active or have you explored the topic as much as you wanted? Or maybe you’re on hiatus? Just checking in =)!

    • Hi Ashley,

      Thanks so much for your kind words! I am still active, but just got married so I’ve had to take a break. My book (Miraclist (Miraclistbook.com)) just came out so it’s taken a bit of time as well.

      I have definitely not explored all the topics I want to cover. As far as the MBTI is concerned, I think I have an infinite amount that can I could touch on. Anything you are interested in in particular?

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