Each MBTI Type’s Superpowers


February 16, 2016 by philipbullitthughes

Have you ever wondered if what your superpower would be if you had one? Well, I’ve gone through each type and given you one based your personality. If you think you might have a different power, please let me know in the comment section below.


INFJ: True to your uncanny ability to sense what others are feeling, you possess psychic powers; the ability to read minds. Super villains beware: no hidden motive shall escape your watchful eye. But you’ve begun to fear your own abilities, for lately your dreams have been interrupted by the thoughts of people with languages you do not understand. Your powers are growing; managing them will be a serious challenge.

ENFJ: Your super friends are constantly in trouble, and they need your help! Fortunately, your ability to teleport means you’ll be at their side in the blink of an eye. Look out bad guys—the ENFJ is here; no here; no, over here!

INFP: You’re incredibly useful in any combat situation. Your natural ability to bring emotional healing into people’s lives has been turned into the most practical of powers: you can heal any type of wound—burns, broken bones, cuts, and bruises. Nothing is outside of your skills!

ENFP:  Super speed is your game. You’ve got places to be and people to see and you’ve got to get there lickety-split. Feeling pressed for time is a thing of the past. In a matter of seconds you’re where you need to be. And now, villains barely see you coming!

ESTJ: You’re bent toward the practical, and there’s nothing more practical than super strength. Smash this, crush that? You can handle it. Villains better watch out; you’ve got little patience for their backward behavior.

ESFJ: You enjoy being a hero. People need rescuing but they also need their needs met. That’s why your ability to walk through walls is especially useful. Someone is trapped in a tower? No problem. A stone wall is nothing to you. Someone’s hungry in the next room? Well you’ve made lasagna and the obstacle course of chairs and closed doors is now a breeze.

ISTJ: You’re tough-minded and strong-willed. That’s why having the ability to encase yourself in indestructible armor is the perfect power for you. Someone’s driving through the city in a tank, reducing it to rubble? No problem—projectiles bounce right off of your hide. A villain needs a good old fashioned punch in the face? Well here’s a metal fist in their eye!

ISFJ: Protecting your family and friends is priority one for you. Thus, you have the ability to create a force-field at will. Whether it’s around a house or a toddling child, you never have to worry about safety again. Scraped knees and flying debris are a thing of the past!

ESTP: Mind control—it’s your power and pleasure. Any weak-minded foe is changed into dancing clown or meowing cat at the snap of a finger. But don’t worry; you’d never use your power for evil. Though a few pranks on your friends here and there never hurt anyone.

ESFP: Yeah baby, you’ve got the power of flight. You shoot through the air like a rocket for all the world to see. Hello everyone, want to go for a ride in the sky? Well too bad, because you’ve got crime to fight. But never fear, you’ll be back later to have some fun.

ISTP: You found it when you were young—a strange bow and a quiver full of black arrows deep within a cave while you were spelunking. The weapon was easy for you to wield—as if each arrow you let fly was an extension of your body. Now, you roam the night, striking fear into villains as you shoot them down, vigilante-style.

ISFP: Invisibility is your power. You’re natural tendency to hang back and assess your surroundings before diving in is perfectly coupled with this stealthy ability. See something suspicious? You vanish without a trace and observe without being noticed. A villain has his weapon trained on your location? Bye-bye. He’ll soon be disarmed and on the ground.


INTJ: You’ve spent much of your life sharpening your mind in any area that might catch your fancy. You remember the day you were reading the novel, pages turning effortlessly as you were lost inside its hidden world. But then, suddenly, you realized, you weren’t turning the pages. They were turning themselves! Telekinesis; the ability to move objects with your mind. You started out small—leaves, pebbles, coins. But now you clash with the greatest of titans as you heave boulders and fling cars with a simple thought.

INTP: A big brain? No, that’s not your power. It’s brain density. Yeesh. Your serums have dramatically improved the existence of all mankind. The only thing is…you accidentally spilled a vial the other day before it was ready at your feet. Now, you grow scales all across your body at will and are able to crawl over walls with suction-cup fingers. And your tongue now has great elasticity. Just the other day you removed a pistol from a burglar’s grasp nearly twenty feet away with a flick of the long pink…thing?

ENTJ: You found it on an archaeological dig in Egypt: an orb that glows at a finger’s touch. The only thing is, it’s only your touch that causes the glow. When you were attacked by a group of thugs, you clasped the thing and, out of nowhere, an army of ancient warriors was at your side. They performed your bidding, and now you are the master general!

ENTP: Super powers? Who needs them! You’ve got your inventions. A suite of flying robot armor is your claim to fame. Rockets, ballistic missiles, laser cannons, an excellent GPS system—you name it, it’s got it. It’s flashy and, of course, dazzles with your favorite colors. But darned if explosions don’t keep pealing the paint off!

8 thoughts on “Each MBTI Type’s Superpowers

  1. Brett Yanoski says:

    Haha clever. Nice post!

  2. I like it. I think I really do have this superpower. (INFJ)

  3. Yup. Absolutely! INFJ…An interesting note-Maybe not languages I don’t understand, yet, but I have been visited in dreams by deceased friends with messages.

  4. I would like to invent an Iron-Deadpool suit.

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