Each Type at a Job Interview


February 5, 2016 by philipbullitthughes

While people may or may not say precisely these things to a potential employer (though I am sure many wish they could), I decided to use some creativity and focus on several of the strengths of each type when looking for a job. Enjoy!
INFJ: My counsel is invaluable—my critical eye can spot flaws in most processes and I am adept at finding solutions. People’s true motives rarely escape me; I know whom we can and cannot trust. I inject compassion into every facet of the workplace, making sure that human dignity is never disregarded.

ENFJ: I can see people’s potential, even when they can’t—where they fit in an organization so that their talents are best put to use. My door is always open; conflict resolution is my strong suit. I am positive, decisive, and action-oriented—able to lead groups of any size to complete a goal while making sure each team member is cared for.

INFP: My creativity is boundless. I am able to solve problems both large and small in unique and interesting ways. With an imaginative eye, I am able to spot the flaws in old clunky methods and am skilled at finding ways to improve them. I thrive in a cooperative environment, and strive to make everyone feel welcome and valued.

ENFP: I am enthusiastic and passionate, able to inspire those around me to care about the work they do. My mission is to change the world as a champion for the downtrodden and I flourish in jobs where there is a human element. I am the heartbeat of any organization, able to breathe fun into work that might be otherwise be dull.

ESTJ: I am a strong-willed leader, able to get things done on time and to perfection. Not only that, I am able to make sure others toe the line—doing what they should be doing when they should be doing it, and doing it well. Managing complex systems, schedules, and people is easy for me. Put me in charge and you won’t regret it.

ISTJ: I am responsible and steadfast, willing to work long hours to keep things running smoothly. If you need something done right, and done right the first time, then I am the one for the job. I take pride in a job well done, but I’ll do it without flourish or fanfare.

ESFJ: My positive, upbeat personality brings light to the workplace. I genuinely care about the customer more than I care about the bottom-line. Superior customer service is the key to a becoming a reputable company. If there’s something that needs to be sold, let me do it—the customer always feels like their in good hands when I am taking care of them.

ISFJ: I am reliable and calm. Generally, I prefer to work behind the scenes. I have a talent for seeing what needs to be done and doing it before being told. People usually give me quite a lot of work because I do it so well—though I never complain, even if I am being overworked. Cooperation is key to keeping a business running smoothly!


ESTP: I am a smooth-talker, able to see what the customer needs before they even know it. My ambition drives me to success; I am always looking for the next step in my career. Being tied to one job for too long doesn’t appeal to me—I want to move up, and keep on moving. Keep me busy. If the work gets boring I’ll be moving on to more exciting things.

ISTP: Extraordinarily handy and skilled at using a variety of tools. If you’re looking for something to get built or fixed, you’ll rarely find someone as talented as me. I’m a regular virtuoso. Though I prefer working alone and to have flexibility.

ESFP: If there’s a job to be done, I bring the fun. My adaptable personality allows me to move from project to project with ease—but I am best when put in front of people. Sure, I can do clerical, but I find it tedious, and unless something grabs my interest it’s tough for me to do it wholeheartedly. I enjoy using my wit and sense of humor to put people at ease. Clients usually love me because I am so personable. If you need anyone entertained, then I’m your guy or girl!

ISFP: I’m soft-spoken and kindhearted. Give me something to do in the arts—music, painting, drawing, dancing, or culinary—and I’ll shine. I’m cooperative and adaptable; change doesn’t bother me too much. In fact, I enjoy taking on the challenge of something new.

INTJ: I’m driven to make the workplace as efficient as possible. I do not waste time; I do not waste words. Creating a functioning system is where I enjoy implementing my skills—something I can walk away from and know will run on its own without heavy-handed guidance. My ability to see error in any process is invaluable. Give me a task and I’ll improve upon the method.

ENTJ: I’m decisive and outspoken—ready to take the reins in any organization. Work is my life and I usually like it that way. Any procedure that bleeds or is inefficient will be instantly eliminated for one that works. Give me your valid reasons—no, emotions do not count. This is business, not a daycare. I’m the most skilled type at reducing bureaucracy and cutting through red tape. Come on—let’s get started.

INTP: I can detect inconsistencies in thought and language almost instantaneously. Contradictions are impossible for me to ignore, and only sentences that are coherent carry weight with me. Thus, I am not impressed by office credentials. Let me examine your documents for flaws, let me be your debater, your lawyer, your speechwriter—and don’t bother me with clerical mindlessness.

ENTP: I’m your idea guy. You want a new invention—method or product? Well let’s get started. My mind is constantly swirling with new ways to do things, and they’re far superior to the way things have been done. Let me tinker with machines and computers and see what new contraption I’ll come up with! But be careful—I’m keen to see errors. Don’t bring me an idea unless it’s well vetted. Otherwise, I’ll do it for you. Don’t take it personally—this is business.

6 thoughts on “Each Type at a Job Interview

  1. alex george says:

    As an INFP I like this!!

  2. Holy cow. Spot on for me (INFJ).

  3. The Beans of Jilly says:

    No wonder if someone asked me if I was a LEAN expert. That is exactly how I sound in interviews. After reading it, I can see why people think I’m a LEAN process expert.

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