Each Type in the Star Wars Universe


February 3, 2016 by philipbullitthughes

Have you ever wondered how each type might behave in the Star Wars Universe? Well I’ve tried my best to give a glimpse of how each one might act:


INFJ: You’ve felt it; an awakening in the force. You’re a Jedi Master of the oldest order, of the same species as Master Yoda—sage and powerful. With most of the Jedi long wiped out, it is your destiny to train a new batch of promising younglings. However, you sense darkness in some, and their interest in the Dark Side is unsettling. Still, you believe there is good in all, and that it is up to you to show them the power of the Light. For if you do not teach them what is right, surely sinister forces will show them the way of wrath.

INFP: You’ve never felt truly understood by your guardians—your aunt and uncle who insist you stay home to work on the farm. Begrudgingly you obey, all the while feeling as if you’re meant for so much more. But then, one night, the cloaked lady arrives. She tells you you’re special—that the force is strong with you—and offers to take you away to develop your powers. You’ve heard of the Jedi Knights and their heroic deeds. This is your chance. You scribble a note to your guardians and are whisked off in a ship to meet your fate.

ENFJ: You’re the Jedi Master’s oldest Padawan—a young Togruta who has embraced the Light Side. Your master has had to take many force-sensitive children as apprentices due to the scarcity of other masters. Thus, it’s been your duty to assist in their training. You’re eager to help and enjoy bestowing all the knowledge you’ve gained on each eager child. As such they look up to you, thinking of you as an older sibling. Soon you’ll be given the title of Jedi Knight and given a Padawan of your own. Just what you’ve always wanted.

ENFP: You’re the beloved leader of the Naboo, and an unabashed supporter of the Rebel Alliance. Where other leaders fear the political repercussions of such bold declarations, you stand strong. You have come to their aid on many occasions. However, you now feel the target of the First Order on your head. But you do not fear death. You will stand by your principles to the very end!

ESTP: You’re a smuggler. Light Side—Dark Side? Who cares! You use your silver tongue to manipulate them both in order to get your goods on through. And if that doesn’t work, well, let’s just say you’re ship is the fastest in the galaxy. After all, it made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.

ISTP: You’re a Wookie, your weapon of choice is a bowcaster (perfect for annihilating Storm Troopers), and you prefer to do things on your own. Okay, maybe you put up with one or two friends—but only because you’re the best co-pilot in the galaxy. And only because you need someone to beat at Dejarik, that holographic chess game you love so much.

ESFP: You’re the Resistance’s best pilot, always ready to lead the charge and drop some TIE Fighters out of the sky. At first you served the Republic—but they were too slow to get anything done. Sick of waiting, you defected. Now, you don’t mean to brag, but it’s your skills that keep the galaxy safe. And you look oh-so-good doing it.

ISFP: You’re a BB unit droid with a mission. Your pilot was killed fighting the resistance, but before he died he gave you something—a piece of a map that has to get back to the Resistance Leader. You miss your partner (you’re kind of a shy as far as droids go) but you know it’s up to you to complete his mission. Even if that means rolling across vast swaths of desert to get there.luke_skywalker

ESTJ: You’re the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic—a title you do not take lightly. It’s up to you to stop the First Order, and you’ll do it with an impressive display strength. The Jedi Knights cannot be relied on any longer—though their assistance is appreciated. It’s up to you to make sure your soldiers are fighting-fit and, when the time comes, you’ll smash the First Order into oblivion.

ESFJ: You’re a warm-hearted Gungan. And even though you’re kind, you’re a general who understands when it’s time to shake hands and when it’s time to fight. You know what the Grand Army needs to keep it running—whizboomas, energy catapults, bongo submarines, and the list goes on. The first order has come to your planet? Well you-suh got this covered. To war!

ISTJ: You keep the Rebel Base, the droids, the fighters—A Wing, B-Wing, E-Wing, X-Wing—all in tip top shape. You don’t want to brag (because you never brag,) but you know that without you the whole operation would fall apart. Sure, a daring pilot is handy and all, but he’s nothing if his cannons go out while whizzing over the surface of an Imperial Destroyer.

ISFJ: You’re a unit protocol droid, responsible and dedicated to serving the Resistance. The only thing is, your partner, a little R2 model, doesn’t seem to follow orders—at all! You’re constantly picking up the pieces of its missteps (or rolls,) and even though the little thing is useful enough, it’s maddening how willing to break the rules it is! When this war is over you’ll be happy to settle down, but for the time being you’ve got to keep things from falling apart.

ENTJ: You are the leader of the Resistance. The Republic had too much red tape for your liking, so you ditched the convention and paved your own way. You’ve taken this rag-tag group of rebels and turned them into a well-oiled war-machine. You’re not afraid to stand up to the first order. But you know it’s an uphill battle. The First Order is strong. But with the help of the Jedi, perhaps you can end the fighting.

ENTP: You were the inventor of the first Death Star. And the second one. And the third one. Each time you made them bigger and better—you even thought to put a shield around the third one. But those rebels always seem to figure out a way to take it down. At this point it’s become a game for you. The Empire, the First Order—they all pay you more than you know what to do with, so you’ll just keep popping out super weapons until it does the trick. So maybe the fourth one will work; but even if it doesn’t you’ll still get rich.

INTP: You’re a sassy R2 droid. Your friend follows you around everyone constantly yammering on about why you need to keep out of trouble. But you’re not the one constantly in trouble—it’s your friends. And you’re the only one with the brains—or circuits—enough to figure out how stop things like trash compactors, and oh yeah, giant lasers. It might take you a minute or two, but you always get the job done.

INTJ: Your parents were murdered by Sand People long ago. Now, you’ve been taken as the Jedi Master’s most recent Padawan. You’re an excellent student; you can tell your master thinks you’re powerful. You can feel it too, especially when a silent rage overtakes you as you hear the screams of your parents echoing in your mind. You feel as if you could crush anyone who stands in your way. But he told you to dispel such thoughts. You must use the Force for good. And you will. But you can’t help but feel the pull of the Dark Side.


6 thoughts on “Each Type in the Star Wars Universe

  1. Marissa says:

    I like the idea of a “What would your type act like in Star Wars?” post — it’s an interesting alternative to typing the characters themselves. The ENTP description made me smile 🙂

  2. mushyshellz says:

    This is a great post! I wrote one on Kylo Ren being an INFJ if you wanna check it out on my page!

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