Each Presidential Candidate’s MBTI


January 27, 2016 by philipbullitthughes

With the race for the presidency heating up, I’ve decided to take a guess at each person’s personality type. That said, I may be wrong, but am fairly confident in my assertions. Please, feel free to disagree. Let me know what you think their types could be in the comment section below!

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Democratic Candidates (no particular order):

Bernie Sanders: INFP. Highly idealistic. A strong desire for things to be fair and equal. Likeable and inspirational despite being mildly socially awkward.

Hillary Clinton: ESTJ. Presents herself as dependable and detail-oriented. Touts her long record in government as being “hard-earned” and “not-enjoyed”; takes pride in that she is very experienced.

Martin O’Malley: ENFJ. Presents himself as the champion of the working man. Highly concerned for the environment; wants to use government to spread equality.

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Republican Candidates (no particular order):

Ben Carson: INFJ. Quiet natured though very well spoken. Presents himself as a benevolent healer of a scarred nation.

Rand Paul: INTJ. Cerebral, hard-nosed, and logic-oriented. Seeks efficiency in speech and thinks through each topic in full detail. Wants to be seen as equal parts strategist and diplomat.

Donald Trump: ENTJ. Bombastic, goal-driven, tough-minded. Shows no reverence for convention. Presents himself as a strong, confident leader, unafraid to speak his mind no matter the consequences.

Ted Cruz: ESTJ. Thick-skinned, outgoing, and strong-willed. Wants people to do things the way they are supposed to be done. Presents himself as tough, respectable, and trustworthy.

Marco Rubio: ESTJ. Concrete, tradition-honoring, take-charge personality. Presents himself as a man who stands by his convictions, no matter the cost.

Jeb Bush: ISFP. Soft-spoken, gentlemanly, and refined. Not as eloquent of speech; relies more on actions. Often presents stout resume on accomplished goals.

Chris Christie: ESTP. Glib, persuasive, sharp-witted. Tactician able to use rhetorical devises to unify; often attempts to convince opponents they agree with him rather than directly opposing.

John Kasich: ESFJ. Warm-hearted, chatty, conventional. Wants to be seen as a unifier, the balance between both parties.download (9)

18 thoughts on “Each Presidential Candidate’s MBTI

  1. Bix says:

    Whoever wrote this not only did a superficial and awful job but also clearly hasn’t thoroughly learned the dynamics of MBTI. There seems to be little to no critical thought present.

    Bernie Sanders is INTP. He is a radical thinker whose ideas are outside of the box yet based on logic and rationality. He challenges conventional social structures and debates like an NT.

    Donald Trump is ESTP. He says and does whatever he wants and thinks he’s hot shit. Yes, ENTJ can be like that as well but no one is as carefree about being cocky and inconsiderate as ESTPs are.

    • Thanks for your post, Bix! As always, I must reiterate that these posts are merely my opinion. I am sorry you did not enjoy reading it!

      I will say this: many people believe the same way that you do (that Trump is an ESTP and Bernie is some sort of NT.) I will admit I may be wrong in my assertions, and I am glad you felt free enough to tell me so. That’s what this place is all about: discussion and friendly banter about the MBTI!

      • peanutbutterandjelly says:

        Bernie seems like an Fi-dom to me. He seems to be driven by personal moral values. I side with Phillip (the writer) on this one. Fi-dom typically challenge social structures as well.

        “The thinking function has no necessary connection with intelligence or the quality of thought, it is simply a process.”
        — Daryl Sharp, “Personality Types: Jung’s Model of Typology“

      • Well put! I especially like your quote. Many people forget that intelligence belongs to all type with varying degrees.

        I appreciate your comment 🙂

    • Eric says:

      I totally agree with you that Trump is ESTP but I disagree with you on your description of the type. They are outgoing, outspoken, spontaneous, charismatic, and driven by self significance. It’s easy to find a horrible example of any type. Hitler was INFJ but so was MLK. JFK was ESTP as well as Lyndon Johnson and Andrew Jackson. MBTI type does not include very important things like morals, character, and personal growth.

  2. Srentity says:

    Jung, who defined the cognitive functions, spoke of feeling and thinking as BOTH rational functions. Feeling and thinking are only definitions of the ‘orientation’ of that logic. Feelers prioritize human values (like social justice, relationships, social consequences), while thinker prioritize impersonal data, like objective outcomes, system-building, and scientific or impersonal theory. Of course, each type will have BOTH thinking and feeling in their cognitive stack, so what matters when trying to type someone or yourself, is whether thinking or feeling in an individual is used to support higher cognitive function aims in the opposite orientation (eg. Is Bernie’s feeling used to support thinking aims, or vice versa?) Feelers think and thinkers feel. As an aside, intelligence level is not related to type at all, with all types excelling in their own areas and having access to genius and stupidity.

    Having said that, Bernie seems to have a very powerful Fi. Look at his impassioned speeches based on *values*. He could only be INFP, ENFP or INTJ. The key to typing Bernie Sanders is whether or or not he uses Ne. As it is not clearly evident, my guess would be INFP (where it is filtered through powerful Fi) or INTJ.

  3. Eric says:

    Agree with most, but Trump is an easily identified ESTP. Very much a Sensor (S). Just look at his buildings, planes, helicopters , women, etc… Also, a spontaneous, in the moment, off the cuff Perceived (P).

    • That may be true! He strikes me as a bit of a narcissist so that may color his traits, which is why I label him an ENTJ. 🙂

      • txdoublehorn says:

        I agree with the ENTJ label. Te is all about assertiveness, effectiveness, efficiency, and producing logical systems which can be replicated. The strength of Trump’s campaign has been about taking the systems that he implemented in his company and applying them to the country. I think that’s clearly Te dominant. His visions of the future are also ENTJ like.

        I always envision ESTPs as highly adaptable in-the-moment operatives such as athletes and spec ops. That’s not Trump in my opinion.

        -Jordan, ENFP

      • Your assessment is similar to how I drew mine. Thanks for the insight, Jordan!

      • cajunpc says:

        Trying to respond to Jordan’s (ENFP) comment. I’m INTJ, so I love ENFPs! 🙂 Y’all are on the right track with your behavioral assessments of Trump, but you’re just attaching it to the wrong cognitive functions. The biggest differences in personality are between Ns and Ss. Hilarry, btw, is INTJ. But back to Trump. A big difference between Ns and Ss is that sensor types process information by linking it to previous experiences that involved their senses, so actual memories. Intuitives are “big picture” thinkers and can fill in the blanks when all the details are not available. That’s a key difference between progressive thinking and conservative thinking. Sensors who are conservative thinkers have more trouble supporting novel ideas because they trust what is already known… “Make America Great Again”… could be the official political slogan of sensor types…. they want what they have already had. Its very difficult to get sensors to support things like marriage equality and economic reform (minimum wage) etc because it’s never been done before and they actually feel assaulted by the change.. . They will eventually support it once they’re able to experience it… Foxnews is well aware of this and does an pretty good job convincing conservatives that they have actually experienced something and they didn’t like it… For example, they’ve convinced conservatives that liberals are coming after their guns. Even though that’s never been mentioned in ANY context by the liberal platforms, conservatives actually believe they’ve heard this… but it’s the way FoxNews delivers it’s news.. They might say something like, “With the latest mass shootings, Liberals are most likely working long hours behind closed doors on policy aimed at taking away your 2nd amendment rights”.. Once a conservative “hears” this, that’s using his sense of hearing, it becomes an anchored memory. but because it’s not an actual memory, they have to rely on their less-developed Intuition functions to fill in the gaps. Over time, FoxNews piles more and more of these sensations into the minds of their viewers until eventually the fine line between reality and media sensationalism becomes clouded. The one major flaw with Republican leadership is that they rely on this means of getting support from voters but they fail to realize that a lot of what they say just doesn’t hold up in reality and that’s when you start to get voters who jump ship. Other examples include denying global warming (strange that the rest of the world is taking action, but they have convinced themselves that it’s a liberal hoax), bathroom discrimination laws (they say it’s to protect children, but they don’t understand that trans individuals are sexually attracted to their own birth sex, so forcing them to share bathrooms with children of the same sex is not protecting children), terrorism is a threat but diabetes isnt…

        Trump is most likely ESTJ, which means he leads with extroverted Thinking followed by introverted Sensing, then extroverted intuition, then finally extroverted feeligs. Jordan spoke about Trumps’ assertiveness and effectiveness and efficiency… all of these are indeed descriptive of him, but they are connected to his extroerted Thinking functions. His visions for the future are literally visions of the past… very introverted sensing.

        There are certain people that I have an unexplained bond with.at school or at work.. I always thought they were intuitives, but it was just recent that I learned that I was confusing certain decision making processes that Te users share as being intuitive. Most of my friends who fall into this group are actually ISTJ or ESTJ, so i get how easy it is to mistake that for intuition. but Trump is definitely a sensor.

    • Srenity says:

      I would agree 100% Trump is ESTP. They are also known as the slick conmen of the MBTI, (when not healthy). Being a likely narcissitic personality disordered individual however, it can muddy the waters when trying to type.

  4. bix says:

    Regardless of what types these people may be, you should clairify in the first sentence that this article is *opinion* because it is obviously debateable.

    • Well, I did say,

      “With the race for the presidency heating up, I’ve decided to take a guess at each person’s personality type. That said, I may be wrong, but am fairly confident in my assertions. Please, feel free to disagree. Let me know what you think their types could be in the comment section below!”


  5. Trish says:

    What is Obama? Bill Clinton? Valerie Jarrett?

    • Obama is likely an ENFJ. Bill Clinton is probably ESFP. I am not familiar with Valerie Jarrett enough to speak about her personality. 🙂

      • myob20161216 says:

        I think Obama is an INxJ. (I haven’t made up my mind about the third variable.) The reason I code him as an I is based on behavior I observed when working as a Senate staffer for another senator whose office was physically near then-Senator Obama’s. One thing I noticed on more than one occasion was that Obama, unlike most other senators, never invited random people to ride in the “senators only” elevator when it wasn’t being used for votes. (Most other senators would say “let me give you a ride,” and the constituents loved it because it made them feel special.) It struck me that Obama needed his “me time” to refresh from contact and such, and his elevator rides were part of that. This is classic introvert behavior.

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