The ESTJ: Woody

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April 18, 2014 by philipbullitthughes

ImageESTJs are take-charge kind of people. They are natural leaders, with a clear vision of how things should be and easily step into positions responsibility one spurred boot at a time. Perhaps the most beloved ESTJ in popular culture is Woody, from Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story.

Of course, the cowboy is a toy, and of that much he’s certain. But not just any toy. He’s the favorite toy of his kid, Andy. He’s the rootinest tootinest cowboy in the wild-west, and it’s his job, his mission in life is to be there for Andy in whatever way he can. Plain and simple. Like all ESTJs, Woody takes this responsibility with the utmost seriousness, and expects those around him to fulfill their mission with the same steadfastness. Which, of course, with his shining example to lead the way, the other toys in his community dutifully and efficiently toe the line.

It isn’t until that fateful day when Andy receives a new, flashy spaceman action figure known as Buzz Lightyear for his birthday that everything changes. Andy’s affections shift from Woody to Buzz, causing Woody to be shaken to his core with jealousy. And to make matters worse, the rest of the toys begin to follow Buzz’s leadership instead of his. But the most irritating thing to Woody is that the astronaut thinks that he’s an actual spaceman! Now, ESTJs are all for having fun. In fact, they are usually the life of the party wherever they go, boisterous, exciting, and competitive. But there is one thing they have trouble tolerating: fantasy. Especially those who are enraptured with it to the extent they lose touch with reality.

It becomes Woody’s mission to show Buzz the error of his ways, which naturally leads to even more conflict between them. Tensions mount, and when Andy’s mom tells him that she is they are going to Pizza Planet, and that he is allowed to bring one toy, Woody devises a plan of action to remove Buzz from the picture. It’s important to note that ESTJs are usually pillars of their community, following a strict moral code, and while Woody did intend to hide Buzz from sight, he did not intend to knock him out the window, which is was happened. Woody gets his wish: Andy takes him. But Woody’s reputation is tarnished when the rest of the toys find out what he did, believing he murdered Buzz out of pure spite.

Much to Woody’s relief, he finds Buzz hitched a ride on the minivan. But Buzz is out for revenge. He attacks Woody and the two of them knocked to the ground outside a gas station as the minivan drives away. From then on, Woody has one mission: to get back to Andy and to keep Buzz with him to clear his name. He decides to abandon his former strict no-nonsense so common to the ESTJ and plays along with Buzz, convincing the spaceman to go with him to Planet Pizza. Of course, when the two of them finally arrive they are captured by the toy-torturing Sid Phillips, Andy’s next door neighbor.

ImageIt’s at Sid’s place that Buzz finally comes to realize the truth: that he is, in fact, a toy. He sees a commercial on Sid’s television set showing pictures of other Buzz’s being played with, and reality sets in. The only problem is, this causes him to give up on life. One thing the ESTJ is particularly good at, yet struggle at times with finding the compassion to do, it’s motivating others. It’s only when Woody finally confesses his own insecurities to Buzz and the two of them reconcile, that they escape from Sid’s clutches as a team.

If you have an ESTJ in your life, remember to appreciate for the tremendous amount of effort they put into anything they do. They are conscientious, practical, realistic, dependable, and a lot of fun. Don’t worry too much about hurting their feelings. They can take it, and prefer those dealing with them to be blunt.

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