The ISFP: Fluttershy


April 11, 2014 by philipbullitthughes

ISFPs by nature are soft spoken. Yet for the small size of their voices, they make up for it with hearts of enormous proportion. In fact, the ISFP has been crowned the kindest type of all, willing to place their own feelings aside time and time again to keep the peace, often getting bulldozed by more abrasive personalities. Few embody the quiet kindheartedness like Fluttershy, the Pegasus from the land of Equestria in the series, My Little Pony.

fluttershy_is_shy_8249For most ISFPs, even though they are quite likeable and even social, meeting new people can be stress inducing. And when Fluttershy makes her entrance into the series, she is no exception. She hides behind her mane, introducing herself in nothing more than a whisper so soft that Twilight Sparkle can barely hear her. However, her timidity evaporates upon seeing Spike, the baby dragon, whom she enthusiastically engages in conversation.

It’s important to remember that for the ISFP, they tend to have a specialized interest based on their sensing preference—sports, painting, farm-work, acting, culinary, singing, and the like. And for Fluttershy, she adores spending time with animals. In fact, she is the Caretaker of the animals near the Everfree Forest, which is why she finds it so easy to talk with Spike rather than Twilight Sparkle. If the ISFPs interest can be identified, it doesn’t matter how shy they might feel, they will light up with interest and chat passionately for hours. However, probing long enough to get the ISFP to open up about their interest can be a challenge, as they typically dislike drawing attention to themselves and are usually more concerned with pleasing their audience, thus holding back for fear the person might not be interested in their hobby.

800px-Fluttershy_nuzzles_manticore's_paw_S1E02Unfortunately for the ISFP, a fairly constant annoyance in their lives comes from being told to “Speak up!” Such is the case with Fluttershy, whose more edgy friend, Rainbow Dash, is constantly aggravated her over her timidity. Of course, Fluttershy is soft spoken and coy, but this does not mean she is spineless. It is Fluttershy, when all others fail see the truth behind the manticore’s rage, calmly and bravely approaches him to remove the thorn from his paw. It is Fluttershy who, when her friends are threatened by a huge, gigantic, terrible, enormous, teeth-gnashing, sharp scale-having, horn-wearing, smoke-snoring, could-eat-a-pony-in-one-bite, totally-all-grown-up dragon, stands up to him and saves the day.

A fairly standard problem for ISFPs tends is that they always feel like their running late, and Fluttershy is no exception. It takes her friend, Angel the Bunny, to remind her that she is tardy for Princess Celestia’s Brunch at Sugar Cube corner. But despite her foibles, Fluttershy is a true friend, making sacrifices time and again to please others—salon diving, playing cheerleader, fashion model, and what have you, most of which she loathes doing. But to her, making her friends happy is its own reward, and so she puts on a good show, never letting on that she is miserable until it gets to be too much to handle.1000

If you have an ISFP in your life, remember to give them time to warm up. Try to figure out what their areas of interest are and join them in their activities while also giving them freedom to pursue their solitary pleasures. Appreciate them for their kindness, their artistic aptitude, and their selfless servant’s hearts. Life is not always easy for the ISFP, as they tend it very seriously. Encourage them to use their gifts to make their lives and those around them a rewarding experience.

7 thoughts on “The ISFP: Fluttershy

  1. MandarinKitten says:

    I don’t think ISFPs are always necessarily quieter. Maybe reserved as most introverts are, but really any quieter than the rest. Maybe I should use “shy” since it doesn’t directly correlate with “quiet”. Is it the Introverted Feeling?

    Debate with me, it’s fun.

    I don’t know if you have watched Adventure Time, but I think she could be an example. ISFP, yes. Quiet, definitely not. Reserved when it comes to her interests and feelings, yes.

    Oh, I have an idea, let’s type the Mane 6

    Twilight Sparkle: ISTJ
    Fluttershy: ISFP
    Rarity: ENFJ
    Pinkie Pie: ENFP
    Rainbow Dash: ESTP
    Applejack: ESTJ

    Do you always write in essay format? It’s a bit awkward to read “in conclusion” on a blog(even though you didn’t on this post). It might help you to write if you widen the spectrum ideas rather than drill for each trait. Might induce discussion, just a thought.

    • I like your comments. They have a lot of depth.

      Yes, it is the introverted feeling that causes them to seem more shy. But it also has a lot to do with the SP side as well. They are taking in their surroundings and suffer from sensory overload even more than most introverts more quickly. So, while an INTJ might be thinking about ideas and suddenly get excited about expressing them regardless of how many people are present, the ISFP might still be soaking in their environment before they’re able to open up.

      I do not watch Adventure Time, but I’ve seen a few episodes in passing. Quite funny!

      As far as the main six are concerned:

      Twilight Sparkle: INTJ
      Fluttershy: ISFP
      Rarity: ENFJ (possibly S)
      Pinkie: ENFP
      Rainbow: ESTP
      AJ: ESTJ

      Ah, looks like we agree on most.

      And yeah, I tend to write in essay format, but as I’ve progressed I’ve adopted a more casual tone. It’s a bit like finding my voice, so to speak. I’ll keep an eye out for that “in conclusion” bit. Thanks for the tip!

      • Mandarinkitten says:

        I can see where they might not like so much going around them. Now that I think bout it, I do have an ISFP buddy who really does shy away from the crowd. It seems she can’t as easily escape to Lala Land in her head as easily and readily as I can. Is that what feeling alone in a crowd is like? Being surrounded by people and being alone are pretty much the same to me, and I am usually indifferent to it as long as I’m not the focus. She really doesn’t feel comfortable at all with lots of strangers. That is so Fluttershy :O

        I think I “get” her now, both of them. Then again, everything that I said is completely anecdotal.

        I thought of Twilight as an ISTJ because of her attention to detail. Compulsive attention to detail. As in “I must send a letter to Princess Celestia every week OR ELSE.” She is somewhat uptight in her ways which is a characteristic of a traditionalist.

        Lots of people see her as an INTJ though, but I think that’s because of the weird tendency of some people to tack “INTJ” to every particularly intelligent character, which I don’t think is necessary. It spreads though, damned demotivational posters.

        Rarity is hard to type, maybe she’s something between the two, but definitely has high use of Extraverted Feeling. It’s all over her face all the time.

        Wait a minute… is it extrovert or extravert? Whatevzz…

      • Well, I am an extrovert (both spellings are correct) so I am energized by people. However, crowds of strangers drain me. I guess I should say groups of friends energize me. But as to my knowledge, yes, that must be what it is like.

        Yeah, I think attention to detail is more of an S trait, however, INTJs tend to hold themselves to a particular set of standards. And while TS is a stickler about a few things, a lot of it has to do with keeping herself seen as competent rather than a sense of duty.

        Also, I agree with you on Rarity. She’s tough because she’s got the wealthy southern belle thing going on…

  2. Claire says:

    Hello, I appreciated your article on the ISFP, I have a question to rest you on this type, is all the ISFP bisounours? I do not think, I am one, and I am not of the kind to be very affectionate, and I can refuse to say not.
    Thank you for your answer in advance, cordially

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