The ENTP: Iron Man


March 13, 2014 by philipbullitthughes

Today I’d like to discuss the ENTP, those quick witted Inventors with tongues as sharp as their intellect. One prime example of an ENTP in pop-culture is none other than the billionaire playboy, Tony Stark. Or as we all know him, Iron Man.

ImageTony Stark shares a trait common to most ENTPs: brainpower. He’s smart and he knows it, and while he uses his engineers mind to create unfathomable gadgets and gizmos that launch him (both literally and figuratively) into the stratosphere of fame, he’s not always liked. Tony suffers from a strong case of arrogance, though few would argue his arrogance is unwarranted.

It isn’t until he is captured by terrorists and comes to the sordid reality that it is his inventions that are assisting the enemy that he begins to change. His companion in chains is the kind hearted Yinsen, another brilliant scientist who keeps Tony alive with an invention of his own, and ultimately is martyred trying to help Tony escape. Yinsen’s sacrifice inspires Tony Stark to use his powers for good.

For the ENTP, a partner of equal or greater intelligence is a must. And Pepper, while not an NT but an NF, fits the bill. Together, they add a humanitarian element to Tony’s company, giving him a far more fulfilling life.

ImageHowever, Tony’s new life adds a good deal of stress and responsibility. ENTPs, while they tend to be excellent leaders if they feel so inclined, typically adopt a more lassiez-faire attitude towards the world around them as they value independence and expect those around them to be independent as well.  So when the Avengers, earth’s baddest counter-alien invasion task force, come knocking on Tony’s door, he is reluctant to accept their invitation. Of course, he ends up joining, as he knows that he would be an invaluable asset to the team and that the world is depending on him. Once he does join, he is often looked to for leadership from all in the organization.

ImageENTPs may seem like the Energizer Bunny with their constant stream of ideas and loquacity, however, they are not immune to the stresses of everyday life. They can often become overwhelmed and exhausted without ever knowing it themselves, and sometimes when it is too late. It is important for their loved ones to listen to them, to be a sounding board, but also to help them rest.

If you know an ENTP, appreciate them for their curiosity, cleverness, knowledge, and their upbeat personality. It may seem overwhelming at times, but if you wish to win them over, you must win their minds, for they are life’s true visionaries.

7 thoughts on “The ENTP: Iron Man

  1. ariel zapanta says:

    i like this article a lot! can you please also make another one that exemplifies The Joker as an ENTP??

  2. ariel zapanta says:

    Or Tyrion Lannister perhaps??

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