Monthly Archives: March 2014

  1. The ESTP: Sawyer


    March 28, 2014 by philipbullitthughes

    Out of all the personality types, few are so adept at sizing up any situation and figuring out a way …
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  2. The ISFJ: Pam Halpert


    March 21, 2014 by philipbullitthughes

    The ISFJ is a cooperative creature, loyal, responsible and soft-spoken.  And there are few characters in pop-culture who exemplify ISFJ-ness …
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  3. The ENTP: Iron Man


    March 13, 2014 by philipbullitthughes

    Today I’d like to discuss the ENTP, those quick witted Inventors with tongues as sharp as their intellect. One prime …
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  4. The INFP: Hua Mulan


    March 6, 2014 by philipbullitthughes

    It’s that time again, time for the long awaited post about one of my all time favorite personality types—the INFP. …
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