The ESFP: Thor and Ariel


March 4, 2013 by philipbullitthughes

It’s time to discuss those chiefs of fun and flair, the ESFP. Thor, from the Marvel film Thor, and Ariel from Disney’s, The Little Mermaid. The effervescent prince and princess—concrete, witty, and charismatic, and both are quintessential Performers.

downloadThor, the crown prince of Asgard—bright, muscle-bound, and charming—is the clear choice as successor to Odin’s throne. He wins the hearts of subject and peer alike with his warmth, style, wit, and of course, by claiming victory after victory on the battlefield. Thor, like all ESFPs, absolutely loves center stage, basking in the limelight of adoring fans. The soon-to-be king is showered by a continuous fountain of praise, is endowed with an extraordinary amount of talent, and is rarely told no—a perfect recipe for arrogance.

Athletic, as many ESFPs are, Thor is a confident warrior. Coupled with being highly emotional and driven by impulse, when he feels the kingdom is threatened by the Frost Giants, he recklessly decides to take the battle to their front steps. The kingdom is plunged into war, and Odin banishes Thor in hopes that he will learn a lesson in leading with self-control, rather than impulse.

Thor, though flawed in the typical ESFP way, also has the ESFPs strengths. He is highly compassionate towards others, especially his villainous step-brother, Loki. ESFPs are live-and-let live types with a high capacity for forgiveness. Despite being manipulated and overthrown by his jealous brother, Thor still wants him to feel accepted, exonerating him in his heart with ease.

Ultimately, Thor does reign in his impulsivity, something that is a challenge to ESFPs. As a result, he is a highly effective leader, humble, courageous, kind, and strong.

download (1)Beneath the ocean, a red-headed mermaid is getting herself into trouble. Ariel, the princess of Atlantica, has everything a mer-girl could ever want. Whozits, whatzits, thingamabobs—an entire treasure trove and the ocean at her fingertips. Of course, she wants more. ESFPs like to be in the action, and the action, at least in her mind, is up on the land. Matters aren’t helped when she eyes the hunky, Prince Eric, and impulsively sells her voice to the sea witch, Ursula, for the chance to be with him. Highly independent, ESFPs don’t like to be controlled by anything—rules, a schedule, a father—and when Ariel is told no, she flips the bird and does it anyway.

In the end, her impulsive decision unleashes innumerable ripples of negative repercussions. She is imprisoned, and her father, in an attempt to rescue her, trades places with her. The kingdom is thrown into disarray, and Ursula grows to giant proportions, wreaking havoc. In the end, true three-day-old love wins out, and Eric saves the day by killing the sea witch. Ariel’s father sees the light, and gives into Ariel, transforming her into a human so she can be with her boyfriend.

ESFPs are the most generous of all the types. Friendly and fun-loving, you will always be in for a good time if you have one of them in your orbit. As much as an ESFP needs to reign in their impulsive side, others need to be willing to give them their freedom. They hate being tied down, and often feel misunderstood and frustrated if others try to control them. Give them time to develop in their own way and give them understanding.  If allowed, they will not just be the life of the party, but also highly capable leaders.

7 thoughts on “The ESFP: Thor and Ariel

  1. Jo says:

    SO glad someone realizes Ariel is an ESFP, NOT and ENFP. in the name of all things chocolate, what N does she have? people who call her an Intro are even stranger.

  2. what about Jane Foster? I think she’s an INTP… 🙂 or INFP, but more INTP because of her science background.

  3. pijarfajar says:

    Reblogged this on Komposisi Kehidupan Kennissa and commented:
    Have one ESFP in my orbit. Not an athletic type and muscle-bound though. But..yes. The main traits of ESFPs are the strong need to be the center of attention and being too impulsive for their own good. 😐

  4. Renee says:

    Thor is an estp and not esfp. Ariel is not esfp but enfp, sorry. She is intuitive. I can see why people would type her as esfp because teenager enfps look like sensors.

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