ENFJ males: Peeta Mellark and William Wallace


January 18, 2013 by philipbullitthughes

Today I am going to discuss two ENFJ males in popular culture, Peeta Mellark from, The Hunger Games, and William Wallace from the 90’s flick, Brave Heart.

ENFJs are known for having extraordinary charisma and, more so than any other type, possess what society has dubbed as, “people skills”—able to motivate and inspire, even in the midst of the most hopeless situations. They are warm, and care deeply about other’s personal well-being, and will often sacrifice their own needs—mind, body, and soul—for the sake of those they care for. This self-sacrifice is perhaps the most notable character trait of the baker’s son from District 12,Image Peeta Mellark. ENFJs are deeply loyal to those who win their hearts, and Peeta is the epitome of the hopeless romantic they are so prone to being. The boy falls in love with a young, Katniss Everdeen at age five, and stays attached for his entire life, despite the ebb and flow of her affection. His loyalty and love are evident early on in his decision to die for Katniss, even without truly knowing her, during the Hunger Games. Peeta will protect her with his life: that is his only mission, and he is happy to complete it.

ENFJs also have a remarkable ability to lift those around them up, making them feel secure, wanted, and meaningful—something Katniss desperately needs during her most difficult times. The dark thoughts that plague her are often driven away by Peeta’s warmth and unconditional love.

Perhaps the greatest evidence of Peeta’s ENFJ qualities, even more so than his idealistic notions of romance, is his astounding charisma and ease of speech. Katniss recognizes this in him early on, envying his ability to charm an audience and win followers, but also rests secure in the fact that she can shelter in his loquacity while she takes a more action oriented and symbolic role. Peeta is the Mockingjay’s mouthpiece.  The rebellion’s leaders also notice this in Peeta and quickly take advantage of his ability to stir emotion in others, and rally them to a cause. Peeta, by and large, does the talking. He is the one who can lead—or at the very least be used to lead.

Possibly even more so than Peeta, William Wallace is a remarkable ENFJ. ENFJs, if raised in an environment where their strengths are cultivated, exude confidence, and are typically very bright. William Wallace is taken early on by his uncle, trained in weaponry, but even more importantly trained in the mind. He learns languages and literature, the gospel and gore.Image But all he truly wants is to live peacefully with his love—setting aside any warlike tendencies for a chance at happiness. The people, however, are restless, looking for a leader who will end the tyranny of Edward Longshanks. So, when Wallace’s love is murdered by the English, not only do the people find the leader they are looking for, but an emblazoned and impassioned defender driven by love and loss. His speeches empower those around him, and his strategic and diplomatic intelligence, developed by years of study, lend him aid in victory after victory over the English.

Wallace, despite the power given to him, serves a higher cause. ENFJs typically do not seek to serve themselves, but others, and if they determine there is a way something ‘should be,’ they will work tirelessly to make it reality. Wallace sees Robert the Bruce as the rightful leader of the Scots. Even when Wallace has an army—even when his men would die for him—he does not want the power.

ENFJs are naturally trusting of others. They believe good will win out—that they are implicitly understood and crushed when betrayed or when things don’t turn out the way they had imagined. It is ultimately this natural trusting nature of the ENFJ that is Wallace’s downfall. He doesn’t see the Judas’ around him, and ultimately loses his life because of it—though more powerful in martyrdom than life.

In conclusion, ENFJs are rare souls, driven to help others. Keep this in mind—they tend to take poor care of themselves and can be taken advantage of by a demanding loved on, or someone less sensitive than they. Yes, they are typically very sturdy, but they are sensitive, and need affirmation for their efforts and appreciation for the unrestricted love they offer.

2 thoughts on “ENFJ males: Peeta Mellark and William Wallace

  1. CLS says:

    Wallace isn’t really “pop culture”. He’s a historical figure.

    BTW, female INTJ

    • You are right, he’s a historical figure. However, the movie rendition is not historically accurate. His true personality is unknown, which is why the Braveheart William Wallace is considered pop culture.

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