ISTPs: Han Solo and Megara


July 24, 2012 by philipbullitthughes

It’s time to talk about those well-known daredevils of society: the ISTPs—also known as “Crafters.”  Two very prominent ISTPs in today’s world are Han Solo, from Star Wars, and Meg from Disney’s Hercules.

Han Solo, the impetuous lone wolf of the galaxy, is possibly the most prime depiction of an ISTP in pop-culture. Soft-spoken, but hard-bitten, he employs sarcasm and wit in conversation with almost every person who crosses his path, usually in good fun, but often to get himself out of a scrape.

ISTPs are naturally gifted with tools, machines, and equipment of all sorts—drills, cranes, scalpels, tanks, sailboats, and Millennium Falcons. That being said, ISTPs usually have a favorite piece of equipment and Han Solo is no exception. His pride and joy is his Millennium Falcon, and he allows no one other than himself and his faithful sidekick, Chewbacca, to perform any sort maintenance work on it. Han won his Millennium Falcon in stereotypical ISTP fashion—a game of chance.

Impulsive by nature, ISTPs absolutely hate being tied down by rules and regulations. They see them as unnecessary, stifling creativity as an attempt to control their free spirits. This is why Han Solo is so hesitant to pledge allegiance to any sort of authority—even if he knows that its cause is just. Ironically, because they are usually talented, they are often expected to assume leadership—a role they typically do not want. Their tremendous need for independence can often lead them to not follow through on their commitments. They might show up, they might not—even if those around them are counting on them. The Rebel Alliance, likewise, desperately needs Han Solo’s talents, but he shrugs off their pleas and leaves. Fortunately, ISTPs feel a deep sense of loyalty to their friends, and in Hans’s case, his loyalty outweighs his need for personal freedom, and he returns. Of course, Han is then appointed the Captain of the Rebel Alliance.

Next, there’s Meg—Disney’s superb portrayal of an ISTP female. Sensual, stylish, and extremely cunning, Meg is not your stereotypical Disney Princess. Like Han Solo, Meg is in a bind, the result of a hauntingly impulsive decision she made in her past. She finds herself employed by the Lord of the Underworld, Hades, using her rapier wit and calculating personality for his wiles. However, she makes a terrible minion. She desires independence, and absolutely loathes being under Hades’ thumb. Ultimately, she chooses her freedom over her love for Hercules, which naturally she deeply regrets. Though, her choice shows how passionately the ISTP craves liberty. However, just like Han Solo, her loyalty ultimately wins out, and she repairs the damage she causes.

Meg is very level-headed, and deals with her emotions rationally. Of course, no type is immune to love, and when she experiences it she makes sure to keep her emotions in check.

ISTPs are extremely generous personalities, and would give the shirt off the back for those that they love. Skillful and adventurous, they almost always have some sort of physical or mechanical interest that they are deeply engrained in—individual sports like golf, tennis, rock climbing, and the like. If you have an ISTP in your life, engaging in their interests with them will give you an opportunity to see them at their finest. However, with their deep need for independence, and desire for life in the fast lane, it is important to give them a long leash.

8 thoughts on “ISTPs: Han Solo and Megara

  1. Jo says:

    Hmm, I think typing Meg as an ISTP is too easy. people forget how she was before that guy left her and she worked for Hades- she actually likes romance, and wants to be loved. she was very sacrificing for her old bf, but his betrayal is what made her so bitter. I think she’s more of an ISFJ who pretends to be an ISTP tp protect herself.

    • Interesting thought. It might be so. I would love some more insight on her previous personality in order to make an educated evaluation.

      • MandarinKitten says:

        I’ve always wondered, can personality change as time passes?

      • Yes and no.

        Who you are at your core never changes. But you can develop the other sides of your brain. So an ESFP can spend time alone reading or writing fantasy or what have you in order to exercise the Introverted/iNtuitive side of their personality. Are they likely to do that? Not really. But it can be done!

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  3. Darth Vader says:

    Han Solo is archetypal ESTP

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