INFJs: Dumbledore & Belle


July 16, 2012 by philipbullitthughes

Today I’m going to discuss two of the most marvelous INFJs in popular culture, Dumbledore from Harry Potter, and Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. They are “Counselors,” and are perhaps the most puzzling, while simultaneously respected of all the types.

First, there is Dumbledore. Dumbledore demonstrates almost every key quality possessed by an INFJ. He is quiet, caring, and friendly, but beneath these surface traits is an astonishingly deep personality shrouded in mystery. INFJs can be difficult to get to know, it’s true, and Dumbledore is no exception. This is not because of a lack of openness or willingness, but because they are highly complex and have a penchant for privacy, as is seen by Dumbledore’s secluded office up in a tower. This complexity, coupled with a need for time alone, often leads others to give up trying to develop a friendship with them. This is unfortunate because those who do take the time and invest in these extraordinary individuals will find a friend capable of the deepest love and loyalty. Of course, all of this is true of the Headmaster, and while those around him give him the utmost respect, only a select few know the “real” Dumbledore.

Now, INFJs tend to feel very passionate about a certain cause or idea that they hold dear—caring for orphans, counseling couples, and tuning their ears to hear the cries of all who may be suffering, to name a few—and might even feel like a part of them is missing if they are not engaged in some form of helping others. Of course, Dumbledore is clearly passionate about educating young magic folk, and also is highly devoted in the caring for two orphans: Tom Riddle and Harry Potter. But perhaps the most telling aspect of his idealism is his relationship with a certain Gellert Grindelwald—a wizard who wished for a world in which muggles would be subservient to wizards. Dumbledore may have gone along with Grindelwald’s initiative for a time, but he was motivated entirely by a desire to help muggles, seeing them as inferior and needing guidance. However, as he grew older and wiser, his former idealistic notions were replaced with facts: that muggles were not inferior, just different. Ultimately it was Dumbledore who thwarted Grindelwald in an effort to support his newly found truth.

Another INFJ that is a household name is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She is perhaps the most stereotypical INFJ in existence. A beautiful personality, quiet, strong, but considered by all of the townsfolk to be rather, well, odd. Her constant reading fuels her vivid imagination and practically no one understands her—and very few try.

Interestingly, the opposite sex tends to like INFJs, as they are generally easy to get along with. Even the most boorish of types may attempt to win their hearts, as is seen in the case of Gaston. However, it does not matter how handsome, strong, athletic, or talented an individual may be, if their personality is crude, coarse, and lacking depth, the INFJ will not be interested—leaving their pursuer and those observing confused. Of course, the INFJ is not immune to the symptoms of attraction, but there are very few personalities that are capable of loving a beast. Of course, he’s not a beast on the inside, as Belle later discovers. Granted, the Beast is harsh, but many INFJs find enjoyment in taming the callous individual if they see depth within.

The INFJ personality is quite rare, and if you happen to know one, give them time to open up to you. Do not pressure them, especially in public, to share. They will share with you, but only after trust has been garnered. Appreciate them for their depth, and know that their complexity can leave them feeling puzzled about themselves. Lastly, do not take their need for privacy as being aloof. They are ready to give and receive a deep and meaningful friendship.

12 thoughts on “INFJs: Dumbledore & Belle

  1. Kate says:

    So, question, what do you do when you are between types? I have taken several different tests, at several different times, and it appears as though my personality is constantly wavering between INTJ and INFJ. When they show the percentage for the T/F, it’s normally a difference of between 1-5%. In the other categories, I’m pretty set, but there it changes a lot.

    • Great question, Kate. This is actually a fairly common issue people are faced with when taking the test. You may have seen people claim to be an, “EXFP,” or something like that. The “X” indicates a 50/50 split. While it may be frustrating to not have solid results, it actually means you get the best of both worlds. What I recommend is that you read both the INTJ and INFJ profile and choose which one you relate to more. You probably relate to both on some level, and that’s perfectly fine. In a way, you are in charge of your own destiny! Eventually, I think this is a topic that needs more addressing, so look out for a future post.

  2. littlehobbit13 says:

    Admittedly, I was excited to be matched to Dumbledore and Belle (love Belle!), but even if I wasn’t, this description describes me perfectly! I had a bit of the same problem as Kate (the previous poster): I ride almost exactly on the line between T and F, and I couldn’t figure out which I was more of. I decided on F, and then later saw this post and realized I made the right choice. I’m totally an INFJ.

    It’s really interesting to read your analysis of the various types, and I hope you’ll find time to finish the last few. I did notice that most of the characer choices were “good guys” though. Just could of curiosity, if you had to match INFJ to a “bad guy”, who do you think they would be?

    • I apologize for taking so long to reply, but after I write a post on each of the good guys, I plan on writing one on the bad guys as well. There are VERY few idealist, much less INFJ villains. However, I plan on writing a post on Amon from the Legend of Korra. If you haven’t already watched it, I suggest you do. It’s an excellent series.

      • littlehobbit13 says:

        I have seen it! Not as good as they original series IMO, but Amon was super interesting as a villain! I’ve seen other sites suggest that Loki might be an INFJ. Your thoughts? Actually, rereading your post just now, do think Dr. Horrible might fight the INFJ slot? He’s rather idealist in nature.

      • Loki could very well be a wounded Idealist. It makes a lot of sense based on him being such a smooth talker, and Idealists who fall into villainy tend to become master manipulators.

        Dr. Horrible on the other hand is likely a rational of sorts. I need to re-watch the series and do some studying before I can decide.

        I suggest you watch The Guild if you liked Dr. Horrible. It’s pretty hilarious.

  3. Shaw says:

    Like it!

  4. Juliet Qoey says:

    Thanks for this article. I like it! However, this is a bit of a downer… I’m looking for your advice…I have an INFJ for over 10 years, and even now, I still feel like she doesn’t trust me. It’s so strange because I’m INFP and I’ve done all I can to give of myself to her. She hasn;t been there when I needed her the most, even after I reached out to her… INFPs don;t usually do that unless they trust someone… Now, I’m struggling to let her go, put her out of my life. It’s not worth the struggle. It wold have been my wish to have a lasting and fruitful friendship with her, but she decided otherwise in her own secret mind. Why she acts like she cares is puzzling too. What advice can you give me?

    • Hi Juliet,

      I appreciate you kind words. I think that INFJs are extraordinarily complex. However, generally speaking, they are trusting types that will open up to a select few. I think if she has trouble being open and honest, it might have to do with a past hurt. Not necessarily one that you have administered, but something that keeps her from truly sharing her heart with the world. Has she ever told you of such a hurt?
      Sometimes, as you said, it is best to let people go. I think in this case, if you are feeling hurt by the friendship rather than poured into the way you pour into her, it may be time to consider distancing yourself. As an INFP, you are especially sensitive. You also have a lot to give in regards to friendship. Maybe find a new friend that values that aspect of your personality! People are out there who could use a caring friend like you.

      • Juliet Qoey says:

        Thanks for your encouragement, I hope to find a person who could survive the INFP idiosyncrasies… lol. Hope your well. Take care.

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