What’s the point?


July 10, 2012 by philipbullitthughes


The Myers-Brigg Type Indicator separates people into 4 unique categories (Artisans, Idealists, Rationals, and Guardians) and then 16 sub-types. Why is this useful? Oftentimes, knowing your MBTI type can help you understand yourself and how you interact with others. You can become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to cope with the strengths and weaknesses of others.

Why pop culture?

Let’s be real here, once you know your MBTI type, it becomes exponentially more interesting when you can discover which TV, movie, or book characters are the same type as you. Knowing you share the same type with your favorite super hero or Disney princess makes you feel awesome about yourself, and, sometimes, makes you realize that there are other “people” that think the way you do. Besides, it’s always fun to be able to say, “Hey, my best friend is totally a Harry Potter,” or “I always thought my Aunt reminded me of Liz Lemon.” When we make our types relevant, it helps us understand ourselves and others more.

2 thoughts on “What’s the point?

  1. Leelu says:

    I had an idea that you may or may not be of interest. I was thinking about the premise of your blog and found a trend through the characters. The characters’ true personalities are revealed through a stress event. It would be interesting to see the various types reactions to similar stress events.
    The idea came to me after watching Bride Wars. It was hard to watch, I couldn’t relate to either bride at all.

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